John Lea School from the bike shedsJohn Lea School from Doddington RoadJohn Lea School from the main steps near the car park
John Lea School - A Pictorial History by Trevor Jones -
Teachers and Staff gallery

0001 1992 or 93 Reunion. Kay Tate with  Mrs.  Elizabeth Groome. Thanks to Sylvia Marriott for additional info.  Staff Group  Includes  Mr Pack, Mr. Howjigo?,   Mrs Groome,    Help wanted re. names and date please 0003  Names and date required please The Old Grammarians Club. Includes Mr. Arch far right . More names please.  Roger Davis, Roger Beadsworth, Trevor Harden 1992 or 93 Reunion  Mr. Hubert Pack, Kay Tate and Mr. Tom Groome.Thanks to Sylvia Marriott for information 1992 or 93 Reunion  Kay Tate with  Mrs. Elizabeth Groome. Thanks again Sylvia for the information Deputy Head, Mrs. Johnson and Headmaster Mr. L. J. Wilce   Poss. July 1986  Derrick Pearce receives a retirement gift from Philip Duffy. Thanks for the info. Philip, trainers noted. Nigel Hayward and pupils 008 Derrick Pearce. Louis Gill. David Ray Mr. Hubert Pack with Paul and Mark Fairhurst Mr. Tom Clark 02 Derrick Pearce Harry Johnson ( 3rd head) Terry Fell  Ann Hutton, domestic science and unknown. Courtesy of Mrs. Elizabeth Groome Includes  Ann Hutton, Mr. Hubert Pack,  David Ray,  Poss. Helen Stagg, Domestic science.  Includes Mrs. Ros. Bentham,  Mr. Kirk (centre) geography, Mrs. Foard and  Ann Hutton. Thanks to David Thew for the information. Includes  Mrs. Elizabeth Mclaughlan,  Mr. Jim Tomkins Pam Slote, physical education Mr. Roger Beadsworth, Pam Slote 1954  Left. Mrs. Gibson and guide, taken in Versailles. Courtesy of Pam Bond July 1957 First Headmaster Mr. S. Reynolds retires. Right. Mr. J. Dickens 1957  Second Headmaster Mr. Leonard Wilce 1958 Mr. Hubert Pack July 1962  School fete.  Mr. Pack and pupils c1963 From left. Mr. T. Clarke,  Mr. J. Dickens, Mr. D. Pearce, Mr Chapman,  Mr. Fell and Mr. Goodman. 1964 Brian Tyrrell and Miss Wickens.  Background Mr. Jenkins. More staff names wanted please. Photograph courtesy of Northampton Chronicle and Echo 1972 dec 1 of 5 l j wilce meet the boss 1990s. 2nd. from left,  possibly Jolene Minter with Trevor Harden to her right. Thanks to Lisa Glover for the information. 1990s . L. to R. Jamie Mosedale-Cannon, not known, not known, Gavin ?, and Trevor Harden. 1990s  Back row. Amanda Webster, Rebecca Harrison, Gareth Thomas, Helen Mallard, Samantha Amos. Front row. Sacha Rowlands, Mr. Freeman,  Mrs.Jane Cook, Gareth Julian. Thanks to Kirstie Dean for the information. Poss 1990s. Taken in Croyland Hall Gardens and includes Mr. Ray. Thanks to Lindsey Smith for the information. 1990s. Includes L. to R. Steve Richardson and Trevor Harden 1990s poss 6th form ball 2 staff 1990s poss Filip  Assistant Caretaker 1990s residential 2 - Steve Richardson 1990s residential 3 1990s staff and pupils 2 1995ish  yrs group resid govilon gwent 2 1998  IT teacher  Richard Bradbeer 1998 Chris Riley, Drama and students 1998 Head of Modern languages David Ray and student 1998 Stasia C with guitar and the Lady in Blue 1998 Talent competition judges Di Tebbitt Malcolm Freeman and  T Jefferd Possibly 1990s. Any ideas folks? Possibly 1980s Help and info. required please 1980s or 90s? Info. please Left to right Mr. Harrison, Mr. Butcher, Roger Beadsworth and Trevor Harden. Thanks to Lisa Glover for the information. Photo.Courtesy of Northamptonshire Record Office. Poss 1990s  Lunch supervisors Anne Adamski with Judith Hobbs Poss 1990s Judith Hobbs Food Technology, Class. Assistant and Lunch Supervisor 1980s or 90s Info please
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Gallery containing photos of the John Lea School teachers and staff.

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