John Lea School from the bike shedsJohn Lea School from Doddington RoadJohn Lea School from the main steps near the car park
John Lea School - A Pictorial History by Trevor Jones -
Pupils from the 1970s and 1980s

1971 Mark Etherington receives his prize as a member of the schools winning team in Anglia TVs "Nature Trail" programme. 1970 Wellingborough and Rushden District Crime Prevention Quiz. Schools team on the left comprises Eleanor Braithwaite, Pam Godfrey, Lynn Thurman and Sally Dyer 1971 Former head girl Kathleen Parkin  receiving awards from Ald. A. L. Langham chairman of the governors. 1971 Susan Wright. Winner of a captains prize at the end of a school educational Mediterranan cruise. 1972. December members of the school choir. Courtesy of the Northampton Advertiser. 1972  December. Showing Joanne Brown, Margaret Brannan, Julie Chapman, Karen Taylor, Sharon Beet and Anne Bonsor in the needlecraft section. 1972 December. Metalwork section under instruction from Tom Fell. Back row far right Sunil Patel, next is Simon Sharpe. Front row 3rd from right is Marion Newton. Thanks to Martin Waples for the info. 1972 December. Virginia Allen at work  in the metal work section. 1973 Thursday May 3rd.   Duke of Edinburgh at John Lea during his tour of Northamptonshire and pictured chatting with Lynne Patchett centre, and Sue Shaw to her right.  Image courtesy of the Wellingborough News 1974 March. head boy Garry Warr and head girl Cheralyn Harrison discuss prizegiving and speech night plans. Courtesy of Nothamptonshire Advertiser 1974. G.C.E. Presentation. Left to Right.  Anne Golding, Kay Pratt, Jill Underwood, Barbara Perring and Diane Smart. 1975 January. Supercook Wendy Mason displays her winning skills. 1975 July. School leavers  Yvonne Sinclair and Sandra Haynett. 1976 February. Ian Mayes receiving his awards from Wellingboroughs Mayoress Doreen Holmes 1976 Feb. Nicholas Addis receives awards from the Mayoress of Wellingborough Mrs. Doreen Holmes 1976 February. A delighted Jane King receives awards from the Mayoress of Wellingborough Mrs. Doreen Holmes 1980. 4 Pupils presenting a cheque after fund raising for the Royal Institute for the Blind. 1980-81. Trip to Fishbourne showing Rachel Brown with Andrew Tyrer. Sent by Gill Talbot 1980-81.Trip to Fishbourne shows Donna Mallard with Angelina Johnson. Sent by Gill Talbot. 1980s  Wembley. Miss.Holden, England Hockey Squad. Thanks to Gill Talbot for the image. 1980s. Logs for the elderly, includes Robert Leadbetter, Malcolm Woods,  Dean Young and Paul Turricki, Thanks to Tracey Buckby and Mandy Tansley for names. Photo. courtesy of Northampton Records Office 1980s Trip to France shows Pamela Dugmore. Image sent by Gill Talbot. 1980s Trip to France with Daniel Sturgess second from left. Image sent by GillTalbot 1980s. Wembley. Miss. Holden, England hockey Squad. Banner made by Gillian Talbots parents. Thanks to Gill for the image 1982 Lucia Costanzo 1983  Israel trip possibly Cheryl ?. All the following Israel images sent by Gill Talbot, many thanks Gill. 1983 Israel trip with Mr Haynes and two lads from Wren 1983 Israel trip, Gary Chettle seated. 1983 Trip to Israel and shows Hayley Thompson. 1983 Trip to Israel. Group includes from R. to L. Martin ?, crouching is Julie Brannon, holding bag is Vicky Orton and wearing hat and blue skirt is Cathy Talbot. 1983. Israel again with Vicky Orton and Gill Talbot 1983. Trip to Israel and pictured is Joanna Abrams with Wren School friend Katie. 1983. Trip to Israel showing Vicky Orton in striped top. 1983. Trip to Israel. Facing camera is Caroline Mcgraw 1984 to 1989 Possibly Ostend trip. Includes on the left by the window Tracey Mann and opposite Karen John. Thanks to Lindsey Smith for the information.
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