John Lea School from the bike shedsJohn Lea School from Doddington RoadJohn Lea School from the main steps near the car park
John Lea School - A Pictorial History by Trevor Jones -
1980s photo gallery

c. 1977-82. Possibly David Watts and Richard Knight 1980s Athletics team. All County honours. Includes. Tony Blanch, Angelina Johnson, Tracey Cobb 1980s County rugby.   D. Grose, I. Longstaff, S. Beards, M. Davis 1980s County relay champions. Emma Mills.  Elaine Walker.  Caroline Holmes. uknown 1980s Girls hockey team. 1980s Girls netball team Prob. 1982 Girls tennis team. Includes- Hayley Burrows, Maria Wiggins, Barbara Galloway, Tracy Sanders, Susan Aliband 1980s Girls under 16 netball team c1981 Girls netball team. Includes, Rachael  Johnson, Sharon Ward, Joanna Abraham, Susan Aliband, Lisa Fenson, Caralyn Jones,  Claire Tooth,  Tracey Sanders, Lydia Sinfield 1980.  Back row. Shaun Anderson, Ian Longstaff, Mark Davies, Nimish Gosrani, Stuart Beards.  Front. Dale Grose, Nigel Bond, Darren Coles, Paul Coles, Steve Hearn and Simon Benham. Thanks to Darren (Goals Coles) for the names. 1980s Under 12 rugby team. 1981  Tony Blanch, Denise Waite, P. Cole, S. Rowe. 1981 Simon Rowe County under 16 rugby team. 1981 Tony Blanch and Denise Waite. Double County Champions 100 and 200m. 1970 Soccer. Includes ? Anderson. P. Burn. D. Hatfield.  M. Goode. T. Bryant (capt.) I. Taylor. A. Skymanski. ? Farrelly. D.Kilanowski 1970 Soccer. Includes. Unknown, ? Anderson, Paul Burn, Dale Hatfield, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Martin Goode, Tommy Bryant (capt,) Ian Taylor, Andrew Skymanski, Unknown, poss. Ian Farrelly,Danny  Kilanowski
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Gallery of photos of the school's sporting stars in the 1980s.

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