John Lea School from the bike shedsJohn Lea School from Doddington RoadJohn Lea School from the main steps near the car park
John Lea School - A Pictorial History by Trevor Jones -
1970s photo gallery

1970 Anita Neil. Commonwealth Games silver medallist. Courtesy of Evening Telegraph 1970 Anita Neil. Double bronze, European Championships, Athens. Courtesy Evening Telegraph 1970-71. Hockey team 1970-71. Netball team 1971 House swimming gala. Courtesy Evening Telegraph c1971.  Mary Ager 80m. hurdles. District winner. Courtesy of  Evening Telegraph 1974  75 rugby team. Front row 2nd from Right is David Valentine. Thanks to Allan Valentine for the image and information. 1974 May. The Invincibles. Junior hockey team. Included-Left to Right. Y. Ashworth (capt.), J. Habicher, A.Taylor, P.Kidd. A. Mahony, ?, V.Blackwood, G.Allen, J. Davies, ?, J. or S. Lester, and J. Waples. Courtesy  Evening Telegraph 1976. Five-a-side sponsored soccer marathon. Courtesy Evening Telegraph 1976 to 1977 School rugby team. 1976 to 1977 School hockey. 1976 to 1977 School rounders 1976 to 1977 Junior boys soccer. 1976 to 1977 Senior boys soccer.
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Photo gallery for sports in the seventies.

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