John Lea School from the bike shedsJohn Lea School from Doddington RoadJohn Lea School from the main steps near the car park
John Lea School - A Pictorial History by Trevor Jones -
1960s photo gallery

1960/ 61 Hockey Team. Front Row.  Adrienne Bushell, Marilin Pack, Tanya Fletcher (Capt.) Patricia Evans, Norma Cheeseman,  Back Row. Glenys Morgan, Gwen. Gilmour, Jennifer Fitzgerald, Susan Mayes, Pat Gillespie, Absent : Sheila Rawson 1960/ 61 Netball Team. Front Row.  Hazel Davies, Jennifer Aldridge, Adrienne Bushell, Gwen Gilmour.  Back Row. Jennifer Fitzgerald, Eileen Hughes, Patricia Gillespie. Absent: Rosemary Saxton (Capt.) 1960/ 61 Snr. Rugby team. F. Row.  J. Chennel, V. Austin, J.Ploughman, A. Rabbit. P.Marchant, D.Mathews, C. bailey, J.Park.  B. Row. A. Abrahams, D. Bing, A. Neil, L. Jimminson, R. Fellows, T. Foster, P. Norman, C.Parnell. Photo donated by David Matthews. 1960/ 61 Soccer team.  Front Row. Terry Faulkener, Melvyn Evans, C. Freeman, B. Roberts, A Willis,  Back Row.  T. Tite, T Frost, J. Flowers, I. Freeman, P. Smith, V.Shaw. 1960/ 61 Wellingborough Town Colts.  Includes 7 John Lea  players. K. Stout R.Osborn B.Boden P. Maycock A. Church T.Jones B.Dove 1960 June sports day. Joy Robinson 1960 June sports day. Includes Keith Stout  Paul Marchant 1960 October.  4 counties champion  Malcolm Hobbs. Courtesy of Evening Telegraph 1961/ 62  Wellingborough Town Colts. 10 John  Lea  players. M. Quick, P. Marchant , C. Parnell, R. Swailes, K. Stout,  A. Rabbitt , T. Jones,  B. Dove,  R. Fellowes,  M. Sanders 1961/ 62 Rugby team. Includes  P. Jones,  C. Parnell,  T. Foster,  R. Fellowes,  M.Quick 1961. Kettering and District  cross country. Junior section winner, R. King.   Courtesy of Evening Telegraph 1961 July. Midland Counties championships Duston. Left Len Jimminson . Courtesy of Northants. Advertiser. 1961 May school sports.  A. Britton, winner. Courtesy of Evening Telegraph 1961 May school sports. C. Middleton  winner.  Courtesy of Evening Telegraph 1962 June C. Johnson District  880 yds. winner. Courtesy of Evening Telegraph 1963 February.  Chris Johnson, District cross country  winner.  Courtesy of Evening Telegraph 1963-4 Soccer team.  Back Row.  A. Carter, R. Boddington, D. Morgan, J.Stinson. B.Walker.  Front Row.  L.Gent, W.Holman, R. Noble, C. Morris, J. Wiles, I.Render, M. Thompson.   Arranged by Martin Cahill 1965 Cricket  team. Back row includes, Poss. S. Patel, J. Stimpson, ?,  Mick Murphy, ? . John Betts scorer. Front row. Poss. Richard Bamford, ?. Phil Baxter, Clive Morris, Milt Morgan and Frank Tomkins. Image courtesy of John Betts 1965 February. Peter Kilanowski cross country captain receives trophy. 3rd from left is Mr. Brian Tyrrell.  Courtesy of Evening Telegraph 1965 March. Paul Shoemark. England soccer. Courtesy of Evening Telegraph 1965 March. Paul Shoemark. England soccer. Courtesy of  Evening Telegraph 1965-6 Soccer team. 1967-8 soccer team. Thanks to John Betts for the image and who is seated extreme right. 1969 May. House sports. Ann Grey and Graham Jamieson of Spencer House receive trophy from Mr. A. Langham.   Courtesy of Evening Telegraph Girls netball 1965 66 Girls netball 1966 67. Standing. Anne Gray, Linda Cox,   ?   and Tricia Daniels . Sitting. Lynn Thompson, Diana Willows and Jane Pengelly. Girls netball 1967 68 Girls swimming team
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John Lea School 1960s sporting and activity images.

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