John Lea School from the bike shedsJohn Lea School from Doddington RoadJohn Lea School from the main steps near the car park
John Lea School - A Pictorial History by Trevor Jones -
Interior Building Gallery

Probably  taken in the 1980s. School  hall  and members of staff  and pupils. Includes Mr White. 1980s or 90s. Another view of the school hall Gym.  Around 1992 and shows Amy Day. Thanks to Lisa Glover for the information. Gym.  Possibly shows L. to R. Victoria Hunt, Lisa Glover, Jenny Green and Lauren Titheradge. Thanks to Lisa for the information Probably taken in 1970. Said to include Back Row. Unknown, ? Anderson, Paul Burn, Dale Hatfield, Unknown, Unknown, Middle row. Unknown, Martin Goode, Tommy Bryant (Capt). Ian taylor, Andrew Skymanski ?, Front Row. Unknown, Ian? Farrelly Danny Kilanowski.
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The interior building gallery contains photos of the school building from the inside, over the years, including some photos of teachers and pupils.

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