John Lea School from the bike shedsJohn Lea School from Doddington RoadJohn Lea School from the main steps near the car park
John Lea School - A Pictorial History by Trevor Jones -
Exterior Building Gallery

School hall viewed from Doddington Road. South to north Main frontage north to south Main frontage viewed form South to north Extreme left, gym, main  school and library.  Believed taken in 1993.  Main entrance from Doddington Road Taken in July 1953 showing the yet to be completed first phase. Extreme right  woodwork,  science, craftwork blocks. Courtesy of Evening Telegraph  Taken in July 1953 and shows schools uncompleted frontage. Courtesy of Evening Telegraph Taken in December 1954 and shows library, main frontage and unfinished gym.Courtesy of Evening Telegraph September 1953 To the left can be seen the services tower, hall and library. Courtesy of  Evening Telegraph September 1953. Front steps, Gym and cycle shed yet to be built.  Courtesy of Evening Telegraph School hall Viewed from Doddington Road side. County badge Front car park . Group of three includes Derrick Pearce. Possibly 1961 'The Terrace in Summer' by Jennifer Aldridge. Winter of 1962/3  Taken from the rear drive. Courtesy of Mr. Ian Wright  Winter of 1962/3 Mr. Ian Wright with Morris Minor. Courtesy of Mr. Wright Winter of 1962/3 Taken from rear drive by Mr. Ian Wright 1980s or 90s. Hall to the right and group. Front of  main building. South to north. 1 of 2 Front main building. South to north 2 of 2 Front from Doddington Rd  Gymnasium seen from Doddington Road. Possibly Wellingborough Urban Council coat of arms.  Where did  the badge go? Frontage from main car park
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The exterior building gallery contains photos of the school building from the outside, over the years. Some photos show off the curved nature of the main building's architecture.

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