John Lea School from the bike shedsJohn Lea School from Doddington RoadJohn Lea School from the main steps near the car park
John Lea School - A Pictorial History by Trevor Jones -
John Lea School Commemorative Mug

John Lea School mug John Lea School mug John Lea School mug John Lea School mug
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The John Lea School commemorative mug, this can be ordered online by clicking on the following link:

We use what we consider to be the best quality print on demand supplier of goods on the internet, Although this is a US website and prices are in dollars, if you go for standard shipping you should receive your package within 7-14 days.

Prices start from $12.95 (around 6.82) for the classic 11oz white mug (this is the one we recommend since we have ordered and received this one ourselves, although other cups are available).

Standard shipping (7-14 days) will cost $11.98 (around 6.32) for the 1st item, however if you order additional mugs the shipping for additional mugs drops to $5.99 (around 3.16). So if you buy 1 mug it works out at over 13 each including delivery, if you buy 2 then it's less than 12 each, if you buy 3 then it's just over 11 each etc.

Don't forget these are ideal presents for old school friends or other members of your family who went to John Lea. They are also a good gift if someone is wondering what to buy for you!

Items are carefully wrapped in bubble-wrap and a sturdy box. The mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe.

We ordered 3 mugs on the Monday afternoon and they arrived in Wellingborough 8 days later on the Tuesday afternoon.

UK customs usually ignore small packages with low prices, however the larger the package (say if you order 5-10 mugs!) the more chance there is that customs will intervene, and you may end up having to collect the package from the post office and pay some additional duty.

If you are feeling creative and adventurous you can always personalise the mug at no extra cost. From the zazzle product page, click on 'Customize this design'. You can then add text, e.g. a name or short message. Text is added to the central view at the bottom, click on 'center' to see the text, and click on the move arrows to move it up to the top (in front of the image's sky). You can also change the text font, size and colour. You can also change the image's border colour by clicking on the right 'Colors' button just under the 'Customize It!' tab - in case you want it to match a mug that has a coloured lip, interior or handle.

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