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John Lea School - A Pictorial History by Trevor Jones -
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Paul Ireland

Paul Ireland (late 70s)   
I was at John Lea between 1978 and 1985, and my younger brother, Steve, was there between 1988 and 1995. We lived quite close to the school, in Berrymoor Road on the Kingsway estate, a 10 minute walk away, in fact I could see the school from my bedroom window.

Like a lot of people, I was sad to hear about the school closure and demolition, especially since it happened soon after the time that I had decided to 'go back to my roots' and move back to Wellingbrough in 1997. John Lea School was one of my 'roots' that was being removed from history!

Fast forward to 2006. One day when I was feeling nostalgic, I tried to find an old picture of the school. I couldn't find one! I had some pictures of old schoolmates, but none of the school itself. The irony was that I used to be a member of Mr Pack's photography club! I guess that at the time you don't think it's worth taking a picture of something you take for granted like a school building, something you think will always be there.

Never mind, I thought, I'll search on the internet. Unfortunately this only came back with negative articles and public debate about the school closure, and still no photographs. I then tried the Wellingborough Heritage Centre, no luck but they did mention that someone was gathering information for a book. Next stop was the Wellingborough library, and they had one black and white photograph of the school, and some old school magazines. That's OK I thought, but some colour would be nice, and access to the library is fine for me, but what about the people who aren't local anymore.

   Paul Ireland right, Trevor Jones left, Nov 2006
Finally I found out about Trevor's research on 'friends reunited'. I contacted Trevor offering my services on the web design front, since I have my own web design business. We now have a public website that presents all of the valuable material that Trevor has collected over the years, and for anyone feeling nostalgic about John Lea, they can now search the internet, find this site, and reminisce about the school.

If you have any other requests or ideas about the website, or if you would like a website for your own company, please get in touch using the Contact Us section of this website.

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Paul Ireland

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